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Thomas Edison

I firmly believe that the difference between success and failure is simply execution. A notorious over-thinker myself, I tend to find my brain reeling through tiny thought-movies of potential scenarios.  The biggest challenge in this is spending way too much energy on strategy and not enough effort on execution.  

Ideas are useless until they hit the ground.

All too many times, my best ideas never amount to anything because I think they deserve a perfect execution.  I’m learning that execution doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to execute.  People who take action will always be more successful than those who hang back and wait for perfect.  Some of the best advice I’ve gotten from an employer is the importance of “getting it out of your inbox.”  How many times have we talked ourselves out of making the initial phone call or drafting the proposal, until a hot idea grows stale?  I have become quite a big advocate of just trying something to move forward.  The worst that can happen (I’ve rolled through the thought-footage) is that you’ll just learn what not to do when your next idea rolls in.